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Misting and Fogging Systems – An Innovative Way to Keep Cool on Hot Days

There’s an innovative cooling system for hot days, and it is known as the High Pressure Misting and Fogging System. These new cooling systems are very durable and longer lasting, plus they are practically uncomplicated. They function very well when used either indoors or outdoors. They can be used in the courtyard or in the dining area.

This type of systems can be used in greenhouses as they can help retain moisture in the atmosphere as well as help prevent wilting of the plants during extremely hot days; in a number cases such a system has helped plants to produce a lot more than they normally do. This may be the first time for many people to hear about such sort of system.

This system utilizes a water pump of high pressure and mist nozzles when spraying tiny drops of water over a spot without anything becoming wet; plus keeping the furniture as well as equipment free of moisture residue.

The system fans oscillates and then spurts a fine moisture beyond five or six feet at the front, totally drying the atmosphere as well as bringing down the air temperature to 25 degrees. The mist gets put below 1000 PSI resulting to high pressure and completely evaporating the mist; the same as the 6-ton air conditioner. But you may keep the fan steady or in a permanent directions. You can buy this high pressure systems by surfing the net, where you can find a number of websites that sell them. You can choose either the portable misting or complete misting fan systems, which feature their own mist lines as well as mist nozzles made of stainless steel. Installation of the high pressure misting and fogging system is done through overhead water lines, which is almost like you are installing a sprinkler system for fire. The fine water mist is squirted downwards.

Setting up this system at your home will be quite a lovely sight to behold. You also don’t have to worry over your pets as these systems are specially built for them to stay cool as well. Fans range between 12″ and 48″, so you can have the type and installation your prefer, like wall, pedestal, or floor; otherwise you have mount it right on the system itself.

Restaurants along with zoo exhibits and other work spaces use such high pressure systems too; in the case of zoo exhibits, this helps in keeping the protected during hot days and in creating a foggy effect, which is a sight to behold all by itself, aside from the fact that the animals love such an effect. They are as well used on livestock at the farms. As livestock are more comfortable, you can expect food production to increase at the same time.

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